Sunday, December 2, 2012

Buy Tera Online Gold?

Whether your a brand new player to Tera Online or you have been playing for many month's I'm sure at some point you have thought about the possiblity to buy Tera Online gold. Farming tera gold can be a very time consuming process especially on a pvp server that has a lot of people that like to kill other players trying to farm tera gold. On pve servers while you cannot get killed by other players the value of items is very low and you have a harder time playing the auction house to try and make enough Tera Online gold.

For players that find gold farming too much work they usually decide to buy Tera Online gold instead but it can be a very dangerous process at times. Making sure that you don't suffer getting scammed by another player or get your account information stolen is important when you buy Tera Online gold. This is why it is a smart idea to only buy from a company that has the best reviews from other people that buy tera gold. It can be even more dangerous when you try to use a bot or a hack to try and make Tera Online gold so avoiding those is very smart most use that as a way to steal players accounts promising something they will never obtain.

A character from Tera Online showing the gold from invetory
Picture of a character from tera online

You should also remember some important tips when you buy Tera Online gold. First keep in mind that buying gold is alway against terms of service (TOS) and you should avoid telling a game master [GM] or another player in game that you want to buy tera gold this will keep your account safe from people that normally report people that are buying gold. Next remember to buy from a Tera gold seller that has good reviews if it doesn't make you feel safe you should not buy from them. Lastly even if someone is your friend and is always wondering how you have so much Tera Online gold telling a little white lie is better then telling them the truth about your obsession to buy Tera Online gold because they could pester you to give them some and threaten to black mail you if you don't share your wealth with them.

If you manage to buy Tera gold and have a problem with the seller you can always charge back and get your money back. Of course this will put you on bad terms with the seller that you are trying to buy Tera gold from. But remember if you report an issue when you buy tera gold to the Tera support you can get your account banned be smart to have the best experience when buying tera gold.

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