Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where to buy cheapest gold?

When you go to buy gold it is important to know that you are getting the most for your money in a game like Tera Online which has the chrono scroll system it at least gives you an idea what the value of gold is in the server. But it is still possible to find out where to buy cheapest gold for Tera by checking out different companies. It's smart to look for good reviews from other people that buy from the company. You will want to avoid asking on Tera forums or on a place that you could get introuble. You never want to put your account at risk so being careful you don't ask in the wrong place is important.

If your looking for a place to ask where to buy cheapest gold you will be more likely to look on a gaming forum that supports gold selling. There are a lot of them online and many will have posts of reviews from other people that have looked for the same where to buy cheapest gold too. If this does not work and you cannot decide on a company to buy tera gold you can resort to search engines to try and find our where to buy cheapest gold.

One of the best tips to figure out what gold is worth in your tera server is to look at the price of chrono scrolls and see how much they sell for. For example chronoscrolls in my server cost about 1800 gold each if you figure out how much gold this is per dollar it is about 120 gold per dollar. So you would most likely be looking to get anything more then 120 gold per dollar for this to be worth it for you to buy tera gold from someone else. If you are spending more then that for gold you would be getting ripped off.

The one thing that you do have to remember though with chronoscrolls there is a limit on how many you can buy so for some people buying gold at a slightly higher price per dollar can still be worth it if you are buying a higher quanity then you could purchase chronoscrolls and hope they sell for. So if you are being charged a slightly higher amount but you are able to buy much more tera gold then you could do in a week of selling chronoscrolls it would be easier.

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